Step 1. Parent/carer downloads the Spriggy Schools app from google play or app store. 

Step 2. Register your details. Select the name of the participating school or service. Set up your child's profile in the app linked to that school/service so we know who will receive the meal. Include any information on allergies so we can make sure adequate allergen controls in place for all your child's meals.,

Step 3. Select the day you want the meal and if applicable the service time. You can select multiple service times or multiple children to order for and process at the same time.

Step 4. Pay and receive email confirmation of the meals chosen and day.

Step 5. Relax in the knowledge that your child will have a wonderful lunch box full of variety and wholesome food on the day you have chosen.  

Service Providers

Step 1. Register with us, start by completing you contact details on the contact us page. Inform the days you will require the service and the times of the meals on the day.

Step 2. We will let you know when it is set up in Spriggy Schools so that you can let the parents know the good news. 

Step 3. We will confirm in the morning all the orders received for that day and time of arrival.

Step 4. Meals are sent in chilled or heated or insulated boxes to ensure they are kept at correct temperatures. All lunchboxes will have the child's name clearly printed on the lunchbox to avoid any mistakes. 

Step 5. Ensure children place the used lunchboxes in the container provided at the end of meal breaks. 

Step 6. We will arrive to collect the used lunch boxes for cleaning before the end of your day.