Daily lunch delivered direct to your children's school or vacation service

Let us take the hassle out of your morning and ensure your child is eating a nutritious meal.

  • Local

    We are truly local. Local Lunches is run by a local Mum, in a commercial kitchen. We buy all our products and ingredients from Australian businesses and believe in supporting our local businesses and families to build a stronger community.

  • Environment

    Every day is nude food day. No single use plastics. Meals delivered in eco-friendly reusable lunchboxes or eco-friendly sugar cane alternatives. Check out the lunchboxes that we use from our lunchbox supplier U-Konserve

  • Nutrition

    We have engaged a nutritionist who specialises in childrens health to ensure our meals deliver all the basic nutritional recommendations for your children based on their age. We do the hard work so that you can rest assured your child is being offered the right types and amounts of food.